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Truck Towing
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Shaner’s 24 Hour Towing

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Get professional truck towing from us throughout the local area!
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In the Taylorville, Illinois area there is only one place to trust for professional truck towing service. Shaner’s 24-Hour Towing is committed to the Central Illinois communities we serve, and strive to provide the highest quality towing and auto repair anywhere. We provide both flat-bed and wheel-lift towing, and a vast selection of auto repair services. We invite you to contact us whenever you have an issue by the side of the road. We’re the trusted source for excellent towing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us today!

Truck Towing Taylorville Illinois

We’ve become one of the most reliable companies around when it comes to truck towing. Our staff is friendly and dependable to ensure that you have the best experience. Call us for professional roadside care anytime something goes wrong with your vehicle. If you’ve been in an accident and totaled your car, call us for accident removal, and we’ll take you to the body shop of your choice. We want to make things easy for you, and offer both local and long-distance service for your convenience. Whether you have a regular vehicle or a heavy-duty truck that needs to be towed; we’re the people you can count on. We’re also available to help move heavy machinery, and will stay in touch with any insurance company to ensure you get what you need.

One reason our customers trust us is that we offer more than just our towing services. We handle any emergency roadside assistance you need. Our staff is highly qualified to help you. We can be your savior if your car has run out of gas, if you’ve been locked out, or if your battery has died. Call us to deliver the gas to you and get back on the road without having to stop at the station. We’re also the place to go for any auto repair service. Talk to us about fixing starters and alternators, tires and brakes, or even fuel injection systems. We staff mechanics to ensure there is always someone around to fix any domestic vehicles that need it.

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Truck Towing Taylorville IL

Shaner’s 24 Hour Towing • Taylorville, IL • (217) 529-6400

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